Film I shoot film because it slows me down. It encourages me to really think about the technical decisions I make in order to achieve a particular creative vision.

B & W I shoot black and white exclusively because traditional silver gelatin prints lend themselves so beautifully to interpretation. If all of us looked at a painting and saw the same thing – there would be nothing to discuss, nothing to share. Nothing to learn.

Workflow All my photographs are created from black and white film negatives. Film rolls are loaded onto developing reels, processed, dried, sleeved and cataloged. Each negative is printed (enlarged) on fiber-based paper in a traditional wet darkroom. Maximum longevity of each fibre print is ensured by implementing archival processing in all stages of its development. Each print is selenium toned to ensure maximum protection from extended exposure to UV light. Prints are mounted on white, museum quality archival board and enclosed within a black metal frame. Each print is hand signed and dated.

Dan Miller
June, 2016